EJ Gift Cards Review

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Honesty and sincerity is a requirement

I almost forget it!!! it has been two months that I have not get the $450 refund.

on 3/3/2020, the response is that a refund of $450 will is issued in 14 days. however, it has been 50 days that I have not get the refund

update: got the response from email that the refund issue will be scheduled on 5/15/2010, which is another 3 weeks!!! On 3/3/2020, the response is “A full refund will be issued within 14 business days”. It is EJ’s fault to sell a fake gift card and there is no reason to hold customer’s money for more than 70 days! !! If the $450 refund will be not shown in my credit card by 5/1/2020, I have to file a fraud claim with my credit card because I can not trust EJ’s response.

I do not recommend EJ Gift Cards. Just as many other customers here, I purchased two cards and they were already used with zero balance. I filed a claim and then I received an email saying that within 14 days I’d get my full refund. The 14 days came and I sent another email, only to receive a message that my refund won’t arrive until 5/1!! I know what this company is doing… sounds to me as they are playing with other peoples money. What a fraud! On 5/1 I received a refund for one of the cards, for the second one I’m still waiting… I sent another follow up email and haven’t heard yet. I’m out $270 with this company. Very dishonest!!

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I’m here to join the chorus of voices about negative experiences with this company, EJ gift cards. It’s infuriating when gift cards do not work, or when most of the funds have been depleted beforehand. That’s what happened six months ago when I purchased four gift cards from this company. As everyone here knows, the stress, time, and energy involved in repeated efforts to get our money back is a big net loss. Their claim form did nothing; it took three attempts to get a response from EJ gift cards. FINALLY the refunds were issued to me, after I mentioned that I use Gift Card Wiki and Trust Pilot. I am astonished that such an undeserving and unethical reseller as EJ gift cards is still listed with Gift Card Wiki.

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I have already submitted a claim very long time ago. For many orders without value in the card. But no call no text no mail or no response at all. It indicates this company does’n have quality and any credibility.

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Bought cvs GC. tried to used it day after i bought it, but card had no balance and was invalid. I have emailed ej gc twice and sent 2 messages through their site, but no response. GCwiki should remove them as an unreputable seller.

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claim ID 3736, was filed 1/27/20, immediately after receiving card and trying it to find 0 balance.

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Also had a bad experience. Purchased Petsmart GC. Terrible communication, order was cancelled but I was not notified. Still waiting for my refund.

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Don’t use bitcoin with them, it looks like total scam. I got hooked in by 10% off walmart, went to pay with bitcoin via coinbase and it kept saying it couldn’t verify 2FA number I was typing in over and over. So I changed payment to send Bitcoin direct, and now that they have payment no gift card emailed and I can no longer login the website says no account with that email address. Tried contacting support with no luck. So looks like I’m out $42 in Bitcoin. I should have known better and looked into their reviews more carefully.

So did you ever get the refund? Also I wouldn’t wait for 70 days to file for a refund with your credit card company, just do it, if the refund shows up you can always call the credit card company to alert them.

At least you can login to submit a claim…I stupidly paid with Bitcoin for the discount and after they received payment I can no longer login…tried to save $8 and lost $42 and now a few hours writing reviews warning others.

@Riptide did you receive your refund? Im pretty sure we sent it. If not please reply with your claim number

If you show that you have many of the same cards, why don’t you send a replacement that works?

If you show that you have many of the same cards, why don’t you send a replacement that works?

HI @arturo we submitted a update to our claim form where you can specify if you want a replacement.

I never got the refund. I was promised a refund. I had to go to the credit card company to get my money back. I stopped being a customer since then.

First time customer, bought two Best Buy gift cards. Tried to use them about half an hour later, and both were completely empty. Bone dry. Left phone message and email; let’s see how this goes.

First time user, my balance also is used up. Elliot James can you please look into order id 56870 (claim submitted id 5592). I would like a refund or a code that works. Thank you.