EJ Gift Cards Review

@CoachZ what is your claim number ?

My claim number is 2441

@CoachZ your refund was issued for your Jamba Juice gift card.

Ordered an amazon gc from ejgiftcards thru giftcardwiki, but got an AMC gc.
This kind of experience is really like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.

@bwong AMC gift card? I find that highly unlikely. What is your order number?

I too bought a card - J Jill - and it was not valid. While they did say they would refund my credit card, it’s been two weeks and I still haven’t received the refund. Buy at your own risk.

What is your order number?

Hi @bwong,
You would have to contact Gift Card WIki about the incorrect listing. Everything is mapped correctly on our end so I am not sure what happened there.

I purchased $200 JJill cards on Nov 13. They were not valid cards. JJill said that they were store returns that are only allowed to be used by the original purchaser. So, they are fraudulent and worthless. I contacted EJ cards numerous times but heard nothing.

Hello, bought a $50 Nike gift card yesterday. Order #28576. Loaded it onto Nike account and said $50.

Checked the Nike account several hours later and the amount was $2.16.

I did not use the card. I’ve filed a claim, submitted a complaint and emailed support. My claim number is 3719.

I hope I get my money back. I hope they see one of my messages and fixes the problem.

Email from EJ support:

Hi ,
Thank you for submitting your claim to ejgiftcards.comThis email is to notify you of your current claim status for claim ID 3719 that was placed on 2020-01-23 was updated. The current status of your claim is
As a reminder it will take around 14 - 21 business days to investigate and resolve your claim.

What is going on here? Twice it says resolved but does not mention the resolution. And ends with needing 2-3 weeks to resolve.

I ordered 2 gift cards for Dairy Queen - 14 hours later I received an email that my order was cancelled and did not give a reason why. I know for sure that it wasn’t due to payment issues because my order total is showing as an approved pending charge in my bank transactions. Called the customer service number from the email and it went straight to voicemail.

First time buy Ej Gift cards for Marie Callenders $50.00 gc for $45.00 but not working & sent claim since 10/17/19 & don’t get any refund yet. Order#25454.

Placed an order (order number 29690) at 5:41 PM EST on February 15, 2020 for Fandango E-Gift card, a $25 value, which cost me $20 (20% off). Gift card was delivered at 6:37 PM by “Sam Smith” at [email protected]. At 6:54 I opened the email and checked the balance of the gift card on Fandango’s website and it said the balance is $1.96. This is a fraudulent website as I have not even used this card. I didn’t check for the reputation of EJ’s gift cards here until after I bought a card, and as you can see, the results are unfavorable. I do not recommend this site. It won’t even let me submit a claim on their website. I am calling my credit card company once the charge posts to dispute my $20 charge because this is very terrible customer service and I am witnessing bad business practices. It would be to Gift Card Wiki’s benefit to no longer list this site’s gift cards.

good luck I got a claim number for my bad card and that’s all I got

I was fortunate and had success. Purchased two Lowe’s gift cards. They were valid and I used them within minutes of receiving them. Sounds like they might be hit or miss.

purchased a $500 lowes gift card this morning and received email with gift card at 12:37PM. tried to pay the purchase with this gift card in Lowes store at 3:55PM today, but it shows 0 balance. I filed claim half hour ago and will come here to update the claim once refund received.
My order number #30303

I purchased BrylaneHome gift certificates on January 27, 2020. I attempted to use it the first day I received it and found it was an invalid number and they wouldn’t except it. I contacted EJ gift cards immediately and was told it would be reviewed and at least a month before I received a refund. This is unacceptable to begin with. that’s way too long to hold your money. My order number is 28766 for the amount of $105. I would like to be refunded immediately. Thank you

Hi @Shoppinho can you file a claim and email [email protected] so we can issue your refund?

Hi @guowx888,
Thanks for letting us know we looking into this for you.