EJ Gift Cards Review

What’s your experience with EJ Gift Cards? Do you like it or not?

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bought 13 Marriott gift cards across two orders. within 3 days of my purchase I checked each cards balance on the Marriott website. 7 of the gift cards had been used at least 10 months before my purchase and 2 of the gift cards were marked as fraudulent by Marriott. only 4 of the 13 gift cards were valid. that’s a terrible success rate.

in addition, their claims form only accepts one gift card per claim so I had to submit 9 claims. and even though they were quick to resolve my claims (within one day) I have to wait 21 days before my credit is received (still waiting).

edit (25 Oct 2019): today is day-21 and my refund has not been received. i’ll wait one more week before filing a fraud claim with my credit card.

HI send us your claim number so we can expedite your refund. Please send an email to support@ ejgiftcards.com and mention you are a gift card wiki member.

First time out of the gate, ordered at $50 Catherine’s gc for 37.50. Great price, ----but wait, it’s not valid. Submissions via their contact form 6 days ago with no response. Put in a “claim” today and also sent email to [email protected]. Waiting on refund and I would not try this site again unless I see a 100% turnaround on reviews. Wish I had read them prior. oh hey! I am a gift card wiki member (shouldn’t matter)

Hi can you post your order id number?

25748 is my order id

Hi you refund was issued.

This site seems like having a low success rate. The gift card I purchased also showed a 0 balance. I filed a claim 24 days ago and haven’t got any refund yet. If someone is here fixing the problem, please take a look into my order #25442.

ORDER #25531
Bought a gift card on 5th Oct. The gift has no balance and cannot be used. Sent them several emails and filed claims. They still have not refunded me yet.

Hi Your refund was issued

Having the same issue here. Bought a gift card that was double-sold and used before I could. (Order #25631) Filed an immediate claim (Claim #3347) which was marked for approved full refund… now 20 days later, I still don’t have the refund on my credit card.

Hi @WilliamK82 your refund was issued.

They offer good deals. They take a long time to issue refunds on problem cards. Most card companies would issue a refund within a week or less. EJ takes at least 21 days to issue a refund from my experience.

@waiguy yes we are working on this issue, the thing is we have a small team and we get alot of order so we just need some time to get to everyone.

Hi any issues you can post here or send an email to support @ ejgiftcards.com and mention you are a wiki member. We try to get to everyone as soon as we to resolve any issues. @waiguy @WilliamK82 @yihao @cookie100317

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ORDER #25531
Bought a gift card on 5th Oct. The gift has no balance and cannot be used. Sent them several emails and filed claims. They still have not refunded me yet.

Should have know better. I figured I’d give them a shot. I’ve worked with a lot of small businesses and the beginning can be rocky. I don’t think this is the case with this guy. Bought a gift card to P.F. Chang’s. Received it and when I went to check the balance (wasn’t till the next day) online it showed $0. Emailed and haven’t heard back. Will be submitting fraud claim to my credit card company. Just don’t do it. This guy (and I do think it is one dude) is a fraud.

@heathcliffbars hi did you file a claim with us? If so what is your claim number?

@yihao your refund was issued.

I purchased a Jamba Juice gift card which arrived with a zero balance upon first use. I submitted a claim with no response, and called with no response…emails and calls for a month before I gave up. Horrible to just leave customers out to dry!