Apex Gift Card Review

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Honesty and sincerity is a requirement

I’ve used Apex for multiple restaurant GC purchases over the last year. No problems whatsoever, except one slight issue for the first time last night. When I went to pick up my order last night, the GC I had purchased the day before did not work. Calling the restaurant’s customer service number on the printout GC from Apex, I learned the balance that was supposed to be on my card had been used earlier that month. I emailed Apex, and they immediately gave me a new GC number to use for the restaurant. So while this experience was not exactly “perfect,” the speed with which they solved the issue – literally while I was in the drive through pick up lane of the restaurant – means that Apex will be my First Choice for all future GC purchases.

FWIW, personally I will probably check the balance of all GC as soon as I receive the number, and make sure the balance is available before I leave my house to use a GC from now. For a few minutes, I thought I was going to have to pay full price – which is a personal sin for DiscountDan!

RIPOFF. Bought cards in March and couldn’t use them until recently due to Covid problems. Went to use them and they told me they only guarantee for 30 days. That is fine under normal conditions but this is far from normal. They would NOT consider me for a refund. SOMEONE ELSE USED THESE CARDS,

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BULL! You offered me NOTHING.

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I used apex a few times. It was great. Once I bought a few cards they didn’t work they refused to replace them. Insisted they were good. I sent screen shots of the balances and never received a reply. I emailed everyday for over a week. No replies. I was hoping the delay was because of COVID. I decided to give them another chance and After a few months I bought another card. Went straight to the restaurant to have it checked and it had a zero balance. I emailed them several more times, nothing. No replies. I went to use a card that I had used once before that I knew was good and they locked my access to my account. I have tried for weeks to regain access to good cards I purchased. No response. Apex is crooked and has basically stolen from me. I have reached out to my credit card company to try and dispute the charges. The rep said they have had issues with Apex before. I’m sure they will leave a response saying they tried to contact me but it will be a lie. They are your family until you have a problem and need a refund. Don’t trust this company! Buyer be aware!

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I would like to further add that I see a lot of the same bad reviews For them on here. Doing the same thing to other hard working folks. I’d be willing to bet that all the full page rave reviews are from workers at their company trying to tip the scales and make them have more good reviews than bad. They seem to have a MO. We love you until u complain about a gift card being bad. Then if you complain we lock you out of your account. Seems to happen over and over. Not a good business model, good luck staying in business.

Since my original review, I’ve been using Apex frequently for the past year, and I am 100% satisfied. If you can remember to purchase early in the day for something you need later that evening, or a day ahead for morning purchases, it works great. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for people that “purchase all their cards for a year” at once. GC numbers can be guessed/hacked, so the longer the lag time, the higher the chances of issues.

Fake review… pretty obvious

From your repeated cries for sympathy, it’s pretty obvious Mr. Apex has got your panties in a bunch. You can read my other reviews on this site, but I frequently purchase CVS, Domino’s and BJ’s cards from Apex and haven’t had any problems. These things don’t appreciate and I have better things to do with my money, so I ALWAYS use gift cards (from any source) within 24 or 48 hours of purchase. I’m sorry if my successful transactions rub you the wrong way, but I’m just a customer that hasn’t had any problems (yet, as there is always a chance from any vendor of getting a bum card).

Bllshit company that seems like its ran by a 15 year old kid. I made what was supposed to be an easy purchase and they were asking me to go through hoops to get the gift cards, I suspect they never even had. I came on here ad registered just to warn others because now they have my CC info. Stay away.

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I created an account, entering all my personal information and purchased a gift card. They charged my credit card but did not send anything. Then they subsequently shut my account down and did not respond to the emails I sent. AVOID 100%!!!

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Apex giftcard is the biggest scam exchange out there. Raise and Card Cash are legit and always provide stellar service. Apexgiftcard is horrible.

You obviously work for Apex Gift Card Scam.

www.apexgiftcard.com is horrible. 100% Avoid.
Is apex gift card legit? No, they do not have cards they sell in stock and charge your credit card. They take your personal information. Avoid!

Yeah, I used the site a few times and got my cards promptly so that makes me a paid shill. Actually, the selection lately has been weak, so I haven’t used Apex in a while. I wish they got some of those 20% CVS deals back, as they were good on everything unlike the store’s own funny money.

RunSolo is competition for Apex. They are just trying to smear the name. Chi_Tino, we have CVS back in stock now.

We never receive any CC info. It is tokenized when you put that info into any system. Apex has SSL Encryption, which is the highest level of security you can purchase for any site. We take care of everyone. WE HAVE THE HIGHEST CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ON GIFT CARD WIKI. We could not reach that level without taking care of our customers. Thx

I’ve been happy with Apex. I’ve been using them for about four years. Although the cards don’t have value sometimes, they already make it right within 24 hours. They always back their product and reply within a day or so. So, overall I trust them and have never had fraud on the credit card I use on their site.

I placed an order on July 26,2021 receipt # 124299 for 3 outback E-giftcards and have not received them yet. I read somewhere that you should received them in your email within a few minutes after you orderis placed. Thank you Lena Augustin, [email protected] Please call me at 407-973-6490

Please does anyone have the customer service phone number. Thank you