Apex Gift Card Review

What’s your experience with Apex Gift Card? Do you like it or not?

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I used it once. I was afraid it was just a front to procure personal information like some of the sites on Gift Card Wiki, but it worked. However, there was a significant lag time between ordering the e-gift card and having it emailed to me. I suspect it’s just one guy sending them out whenever the orders pile up.

Is Apex gift card still in business ? I have been able to access my account for several weeks. They have not replied to my e-mails.

Every account is up and working for everyone. Don’t put false claims that we are not working to save everyone money. At support, we respond to EVERYONE within hours unless overnight. Thx Apex Support

Why do I keep getting the message “Sorry, you cannot access the system at this time” when I try to log in. What could be causing this problem ? Please assist me with this issue. As a buyer only, all my past purchases were fine. This issue has prevented me from buying more of your gift cards. I am just trying to get some help.

Send your inquiry to [email protected] with your login. Our support team can assist you. Don’t know your login or any info from this site. Thx Support

Sent an e-mail to [email protected] on Tuesday Morning. Still cannot access your site to buy gift cards and have not received a response to my e-mail. Any help would be appreciated.

We respond to everything within 2 hours. If you did send, we did comment back. What is your email address and i can confim. Support… check your spam folder for our reply back…

I have used APEX about 15 times in the last year and have to say:

  1. their prices are the best!!
  2. i have had a few instances when the cards i received had no value on them when i checked the balances but each time one email was all i had to send and a new one was issued very fast with a very courteous response (unlike some other sites i have used when the info had to be forwarded to another department and would take a week to get resolved).
  3. i didn’t see a final response from the person who said they weren’t responding to his emails but there has to be a logical reason (like in the spam folder) because these people have done exactly as they say and respond to my emails FAST and replaced the bad ones with new giftcards immediately. I couldn’t ask better service than they have provided me each time!!

Excellent transaction with Apex every time i have used it. The email, with the gift card comes usually with 1 hour. Never had a problem.

Avoid. High risk with terrible Customer Service. Was good at one time, what happened??
Notified GC had face value when purchased, Go to use, the balance is 0 as “amount forced out”, notified customer service, they block your account with standard Ts Cs 30 day warranty, provide order no. Etc, No they do not respond.
Many customers have reported the very same problem. They block your account access?? That is like twisting your arm for being a fair good customer. Unprofessional.

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We are running a business. We only block customers that take us for a ride. You purchased cards more that 4 months ago. Every gift card exchange has a time frame for warranty. So… You want the rest of the community to believe that we have terrible customer support, when they can look above at all the other reviews. We take care of our customers, we just dont allow the customer to take us for a ride. Apex Support

I purchased 4 gift cards in the last 3 months, always received the ecard w/I the hour, even on a weekend. No problems at all. Can’t beat the prices. I’ll buy as long as they stay afloat.

I have never had a problem using Apex gift cards. They are unbelievably good. Wish all my other purchases were their equal. Never, never a problem.

Apex Gift Card Review
Apex Gift Cards used to be one of the best kept secrets of the discount card game. Great prices, fast delivery and lots of inventory. I’ve never had any problems so I can’t speak to the support staff.
My only issue is that since recently I’ve been burned by one of my go-to sites Bargain GCs, I’ve been left sitting with a lot newly zeroed out gift cards. The fact that the douche that owned it clearly sold me products then resold those same products to someone else knowing they were closing down and skipping town so-to-speak enrages me. So it made me think about gift card warranties/guarantees that discount GC sites provide. We know that the actual GCs never expire so when a site gives a warranty/guarantee, it’s to assure their products sold aren’t defective ie; the balance is less than purchased. Much like Amazon warranties the products you buy. But If I buy a GC and check the balance right away as I’m prone to do, and everything is good, shouldn’t that GC still be good AFTER the warranty/guarantee ends? If not aren’t these sites guilty of doing the same thing as the scammers at Bargain GCs did? Can you imagine Amazon selling you an Amazon GC and only guaranteeing it for 12 months? For that matter I’ve bought several third pary GCs from Amazon and never had them say “Better use this by a certain amount of time or it might be worthless!”. I’ve also purchased several GC from the corporate sites like Panera Bread, P.F. Changs, Red Robin, Olive Garden etc, and never once heard about any warranty. Again I’m not talking about whether the GC shows up in my inbox DOA, which happens from time to time. Mistakes happen from time to time with small businesses. I’m referring to the notion that these discount sites are saying through their warranty/guarantee policies that they reserve the right to resell the product you just bought from them if it still has a balance in 356 days. Or 30 days right? Correct me if I’m wrong but if I purchased it from them they already made their profits on the item and should have no rights to profit again on it no matter how long it’s been. It’s mine right? I didn’t rent it I bought it right? I’m not singling out Apex or had anything like this happen with the many,many GCs from Apex. But I’m just noting the fact that when I find a great deal at their site I usually buy in bulk. They used to have P.F. Changs at a substantial discount so I’d buy quite a few at once to use at my leisure throughout the year. But now I’m looking real hard at their 30 day guarantee policy and second guessing myself. If I’m off base with my interpretation of these policies and a GC that I buy from you is good into perpetuity please let me know. Thanks

I bought a bunch of Texas Roadhouse gift cards from Apex in Fall 2019, and now they don’t work (well past 30 days, I know). The website that is used to check balances that’s printed on the card doesn’t even work. When I go to a different website to check my balance, it doesn’t accept my card. Weird because I’ve actually used some of the cards in the fall, but the same cards do not work now and there’s no way to prove the balance left on those cards or my unused ones. I called Texas Roadhouse and they had issues with fraudulent third party gift cards starting in January so they changed the PINs on the cards I have. It sucks because I didn’t know about this. I sent Apex an email complaining about this situation, attaching the gift cards in question, but heard no response so far. I’ll contact my bank issuer and despite my purchases if I don’t get a resolution, now that I see the gift cards are fraudulent.

I also purchased Texas Roadhouse GCs around that same time. I doubt I’ll find any balance on my unused cards either!! This means all GCs purchased from these companies that have sat for a while (BECAUSE WE HAD THE NERVE TO PURCHASE PRODUCTS WE WANTED TO USE LATER!!) are up for grabs for them to resell!? What kind of business model is this? Even if they said "You know what? If you buy 2 or more products from us WHICH WE SURELY WOULD LIKE TO ENCOURAGE CUZ THAT’S HOW WE MAKE MORE PROFITS… We’ll try not to reach into your wallet and steal those products back… OK?
Now I have to go through all my e-GCs and check them for theft!? Nice!!
Maybe this economic downturn will magically cleanse these unethical policies from this marketplace once and for all!

Yeah I’m certainly done buying gift cards from them. I was a loyal customer. I wished they sold authentic gift cards, but nope.

Obviously everything we sell is Authentic. We have taken care of every customer that has come to Apex Gift Card. If your card is out of warranty, we work with every customer to come to an equitable solution to out of warranty cards.

We dont allow strong arm tactics to force us to give you money you are not entitled too. Nothing was stolen, and your story is wrong. Our loyal customers know the difference between taking care of a loyal customer and someone strong arming a business in this environment. Apex is the best exchange out there. Period… No more commenting on the above.