Sort gift cards by Arbitrage rate

Sometimes you can sell a gift card for more than what it costs, and you don’t want to miss such arbitrage opportunities.

For example, on a hypothetical day, Target gift cards are listed with 10% off, while SaveYa is buying them at 94% of face value. By buying low and selling high, you can make $4 ($100 * 94% - $100 * (1 - 10%)) on every $100 Target gift card.

In order to conveniently find such cases, we enhanced the website to support sort gift cards by their arbitrage rate, which is defined as

arbitrage_rate = sell_rate / (1 - buy_discount)

Note that rates could very likely be different between physical gift card and code only. The resellers usually list code only gift cards with a slightly higher discount, but also pay less when you sell to them, and many of them only accept physical gift cards. Therefore, it is important to treat buy and sell rate separately by card type.

The good news is we got you covered. Our arbitrage rate formula handles them separately.

arbitrage_rate_physical = sell_rate_physical / (1 - buy_discount_physical)
arbitrage_rate_codeonly = sell_rate_codeonly / (1 - buy_discount_codeonly)

arbitrage_rate = max(arbitrage_rate_for_physical, arbitrage_rate_for_codeonly)

Enjoy arbitraging!

This is a game changer! Love this feature…

How do you use this for searching gift cards?

Edit: Found the arbitrage page under gift card Hot listing.

Yes. It is basically a sorting mechanism, you can sort on top of any filtering in the gift cards page. E.g, HOT, ALL, starts with B, or Gas category.

what is sort gift cards
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