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Do not buy or sell your gift cards to them. They will ban you at will. I bought roughly 300 worth of gift cards last week, and my account was closed by them without any reason. I did not bypass any daily limit, but they just ban me forever. I also lost all of my unredeemed gift cards in my saveya account. They never explain why they ban me, and thus I do not recommend anyone to saveya.

I have never done business with them…but my account is closed for compliance issues.
No one really can tell what it is…

Customer services here are the worst!

Be careful with them if shipping physical gift cards. I shipped them $1800 worth of cards, they processed $1200 cards and denied receiving $600 cards. They were sure in same envelop still they denied receiving them. Those BP gas gift cards of same amount listed next day on their inventory. Customer service manager says she checked everywhere but they never received my cards! They were in same envelop as other $1200 cards, how can that be possible when I packed them (and being that high value I was extra careful). She asked me to contact gift card company. SVM gift cards do not help with BP Gas cards- No deactivation/no reissue. They do deactivate and reissue other Gas brands such as Exxon, 76, Phillips 66, Sunoco etc. So be careful buying BP Gas cards from SVM, its literally cash (no reissue at all if something goes wrong). Well back to Saveya, they never accepted that those cards went to inventory and literally ripped me off. It looks other $1200 cards were processed because I am sure they know SVM helps to deactivate them and send new cards, so they would be left with inactive cards. But they sure did know that BP is a sitting duck!!

They banned me without giving any reason as soon as I tried to use a $5 voucher for their site. I have accounts on most of the other gift card sites without issue. Hmmm. I wonder why they banned me? Absolutely the worst company ever. I filed a BBB complaint, and I suggest you do as well.

I was also banned for life. I bought several cards from them over a few months. Then I submitted an order which was canceled by saveya, after which I received an email stating I was banned and that they would not be able to tell me why.

I tried to buy some gift cards and was banned. I contacted them and asked why, what could I do differently. They wouldn’t help. I don’t understand. They told me that anyone from my address is permanently banned! Wow. That really makes sense since there are hundreds of people in this building. The only thing I can think of is that I was trying to buy an expensive card $1500- and I don’t think they had it to sell. I think they are making up Stores and amounts to drive business to their website.

saveya is good place to sell compare to Raise because of low commision. I have opened account with them for 2 years and have not never faced any problem from them.