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What’s your experience with Raise? Do you like it or not?

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I have done business with Raise.com about 3 or 4 times as a purchaser and once as a seller. I have received many fraudulent GC’s from them. I will admit that they fix the situation as soon as I call them about it. They do offer a 100 day guarantee on their GC’s. I would consider this an industry standard.

The one time I sold to them, they deposited my money into my bank account very promtly.

Purchased two egc’s from them, turn around was less than 15 minutes each time. Good to know if there is a last minute sale you wanted to pick up.

What merchant were the gift cards for? I bought like 10 in the last week and haven’t had problems. I also only buy digital ones so I can verify them instantly.

15 min?! For me it was instant.

Raise is very good about helping me if I have any issues with gift cards. They have reufunded my money several times when the gift card had a zero balance or when I receive a paper gift card when the card was advertised as a physical card. I buy from Raise all the time.

The platform for Raise is very nice and intuitive. It is nice to see the selling price for the end user and the price you will get paid all on the same screen. This is a lot better than Cardpool where you just put in your desired pay so you do not know what it will list for until it is listed a day or two later. Payout was easy as well. It just sends it to your bank account. So far I give it a 5*

Raise is my go to and I’ve purchased $10k worth of cards with few zero balance.
The best part is almost instant delivery.

One of the most reliable gift card sites. Purchased dozens of cards and never had an issue.