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What’s your experience with GiftMe? Do you like it or not?

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3 out of the last 4 gift cards I purchased have had zero balance. Refund was issued but money tied up for days.

Haven’t tried it but it is more complicated than necessary to sign up. Not to mention that it tells you not to register Starbucks cards you buy onto your personal account. Why? The best way to guarantee someone won’t “accidentally” use your code is to transfer it to a card only you have access to.

I had the same issue with Starbucks cards being placed into your own account. I emailed giftme back and forth continuing to ask about that. They never would give me a reason and eventually just told me to go ahead and do it. But, at the same time, I had a horrible experience.

I purchased my first gift cards tonight from this seller. After the purchase, I contacted customer service, and had a terrible experience. There are a few things in their fine print that is strict and unusual compared to the other gift card sellers. While I received prompt email replies, the gentleman on the other end was very rude, assuming, and threatening. He even threatened filing a police report against me if I disputed the transaction with my credit card company. I do not plan to do business with them again. I highly recommend you avoid them as well.

And, they really don’t need your business. I was told that they sell “thousands of gift cards every day”. At just 2,000 cards per day with a minimum value of $25, he is stating that they sell at least $18,250,000 per year, probably much more. I have a very hard time believing that since I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’ve never heard of them before. Per Gift Card Granny’s statistics, Giftme has $92,000 currently in their inventory. They would have to turn over their entire inventory every two days to make this happen.

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Bought several GC from them mainly because convenience of app, immediate delivery online delivery of GC details and 7days return guarantee. BUT it cost me a lot - all of my GC that i didnt use within 7day guarantee period were unusable due to zero balance.

Not sure whether they are selling same GC to multiple people and whoever get to use them first gets the benefit or something else. In any case they refuse to dispute GC after 7days and i lost the money. This happened with more than 1 card - for ne at Giordanos, you can check history of GC transaction and it showed to be used in Las Vegas strip at once all $100… this card was kept in wallet in giftme app… no one had this card other than me and ofcourse people at giftme… and i havn’t been to Vegas in last 3 years…

Unbelievable… just stay away and save your money from these scammers…


I lost 110$. The giftcards were ok when they delivered. After 2 weeks I went to store. Balance was zero. The customer service never replied to my email too. Frankly speaking, never had such a horrible experience.


It is the ridiculous gift card website! I used to it for couple months, however, app became complicated after updated! It requires me to connect my bank account ( I was uncomfortable with it ), in later days, it even asked me to upload Personal ID with pics…
It is just a gift card website, it has no right to collect consumers’ information as banks do!

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I am the boss of a small gift shop Qua Tang Tiny. I feel your product and service are difficult to use, I have visited the site and many parts made me confused. Some accounts must be connected to the account bank account and I feel it inconvenient.