Gift Card Zen Review

What’s your experience with Gift Card Zen? Do you like it or not?

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Gift Card Zen is very hit-and-miss. In the end, I have to vote dislike because they are unreliable. This is my experience:

  1. Purchased an e-gift card with debit card. Received card within 30 minutes.
  2. Purchased different e-gift cards with debit card. Did not receive card “immediately after” as advertised, so I had to cancel.
  3. Purchased different e-gift cards with credit card. Did not receive card “immediately after” as advertised. Almost 24 hours later, they cancelled the order for some unknown reason which they cannot explain to me. There is nothing wrong with my CC, but I have had a similar experience with another gift card reseller with my debit card. Nobody can explain what is going on or how to fix it. Some actually say upfront that they are helpless to do anything about it.

This time with Gift Card Zen, customer service had a short wait time, but said:
“The automated system cancelled your order”
“We don’t know why”
There was no explanation as to what this “automated system” is from Gift Card Zen. After asking the guy how to fix the problem, he was somewhat speechless and did not have an answer for me. He only said that I could “try again” but their system probably wouldn’t work. Then, he pretended to take a new phone call while I was on the line with him, like he was covering for himself or trying to brush me off!! I finally hung up on him, which is probably what he wanted.

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[quote=“mach, post:2, topic:2323, full:true”]1. Purchased an e-gift card with debit card.

I have had a similar experience with another gift card reseller with my debit card. Nobody can explain what is going on or how to fix it.
Do you like high risk, little recourse, and no rewards? Never use debit card, especially for resold gift cards. Using debit card exposes your bank account to third parties. Bad idea. Always use credit.

Exactly why I switched to CC. Good advice. Due to various circumstances, I just didn’t have the option before.

I will point out that Gift Card Zen has always refunded my money, as they should.

These guys set the standard for buying cards online.
They have nuanced over-standard operation and delivery systems. Each card comes in a plastic sleeve with their logo sticker, a reflective tag similar to the authenticating decals on CCs, and their sticker with bar code and titling (I assume) for their cataloging and inventory control. The cards are shipped in a hardboard envelope like those used from shipping discs.

I had one problem ordering where each card I tried was reporting unavailable. Upon contacting their CS rep, he reviewed and corrected the listings, while staying on the phone with me to refresh and retry the order and receive the confirmation email. Most places, at best. would tell me to retry in an hour.

Two times where the card was $0 balanced on first use. They asked for the card number so they could check. The next day I received an email that my credit card would be credited, which posted the next day.

I’m surprised that the above reviewer, were having the problems they experienced (not to invalidate their review), While I’ve had nothing but great experiences over the past 3+ years.

GCZ got bought out by RetailMeNow, but I hadn’t noted any changes. But then again, I’ve not had to call support since that transaction. I hope that that was a fluke incident and not the start of a culture change there.

Placed a few orders and everything was fine. Had an order canceled by some automated service and now I can’t place any orders. Have contacted customer service through email and facebook page but have received no help resolving this problem.

IME selling to GCZ is hit and miss. As a result of this I choose not to deal with them. When you are a bulk seller, you cannot afford to deal with hit and miss type companies.

I was a customer of Gift Card Zen for over 18 months, did not purchase much but did have items shipped to my house too. Out of the blue could not place anymore orders. They said some 3rd party verification company says I may not be me (Huh!!!) You shipped $100’s of gift cards to my house over a year and a half with no issues from my CC. They must not know what common sense is…

I had no issues using it but you may get kicked off for zero reason what so ever randomly…

The third item you listed was my exact experience. I purchased a gift card and the transaction didn’t go through from their end. I asked them what I could do and they wouldn’t say anything. The Phone rep also told me there is nothing they can do about it. Horrible service!

Is the customer loyal?