Gift card Wiki what is being done about Card Flip? This is really bad!

Can anything be done against Card Flip to get money back or the discount cart I have a friend who lives on a very fixed income and now she doesn’t have the card or the money. I thought gift card wiki would ban these type of companies.

My husband and I last summer purchased a gift card for a couple of hundred dollars for Ikea through Cardflip. They took my money and never delivered the gift card. I waited a few days, but still no gift card. I found a customer service number to contact them and find out the status of my card. A woman answered the phone and told me it was a glitch in the system and she has to finalize the order. She also told me that the card they advertise as an ecard now was a physical card and had to be shipped out…but by then we didn’t need the card and asked for a refund. She said she would reverse my charge and I would see the reversal in a few days. I never received the money and called again, and again they said they would repay me. Another week went by and I had to contact my credit card for a stop payment because they were not going to return the money and we never received a gift card. It took 6 months fighting with cardlip and my credit card company to get my money back. The kicker of the story is that Cardflip told my credit card company I received the gift card when in fact I had emails verifying the canceled order. Cardflip is a scam and does not honor the offers they advertise to people and if you do not have a credit card that is willing to fight them…GOOD LUCK!