Gift Card Rescue Review

What’s your experience with Gift Card Rescue? Do you like it or not?

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DO NOT! I repeat DO NOT deal with Giftcardrescue by any means. They are a scam company (or the very a least a company that does their BEST not to pay you. I sold 2 gift cards early December and after many emails and phone calls being ignored, I threaten to sue and then they responded to me about reissuing a check that was never sent out to begin with. I finally got check of my first order on February 10th! Now my 2nd order is still in limbo and still aren’t able to reach them… It will be another 2 months at the very least before they even bother responding. Good luck dealing this scum company.

Absolutely! This company is a straight up scam! I sold them some TGIF gift cards that were bought brand new from Ebay, and their risk manager decided that they would not accept the cards AFTER I sent them to them. I called and left messages and emails MANY MANY times, and they just ignored me (aside from 1 or 2 BS email replies). I ended up having to send them a preaddressed stamped envelope for them to send the GC’s back to me. The whole ordeal took about 4 months. I will never EVER do business with this comapny again!


Still waiting on an $800 check after 3 months!! Horrible company

Sent $800 worth of gift cards to them and they were received on 1/25/16.
Received their email expecting all this information that is ridiculous,
my social security, proof of residence, a utility bill- I do not think
so! BIG mistake on my part to think they were legit. After deciding I
would not be supplying them with such personal information, I sent
return envelope to get them back that they received on 2/10/16 and
NOTHING. I keep sending emails and they have replied only once saying
that once they receive my SASE, they would send me an email that my
cards were on their way back to me. Other than that no further email
replies, they do not answer their phone, absolutely deplorable. Writing
to the state attorney generals office and filing a police report- their
business practices are nothing short of criminal.

OUTRIGHT FRAUD! Sold $600 worth of Whole Foods in July of 2015. Sent me a barrage of documents which I promptly completed and enclosed proof of purchase. They ignored me for FIVE MONTHS! Had to get a lawyer to send them a notice of intent to sue before they cut me a check.

I have 1 transactions since mid Dec - 2015 which has not been paid until now.

Sent gift card in late Dec-15 (before christmas time)
Finally (I actually already scratch off as a lost), received a notifying letter that they have process my gcard (early Feb-16)
Mid Feb another notification that they will process payment.
Now, 3/23/16…I havent received payment.

My first and LAST business with giftcardrescue.

Just terrible. By far the worst I’ve dealt with. Every time I contact their ‘support’ the system has magically just updated my status moments before! It took forever for them to confirm that my cards were received. Over a week. It didn’t update in my account until after I emailed them. Then it sat there for another week ‘verifying’. I contacted again and they were magically verified moments later. Then I got an email stating that my check is going to be mailed in another week and then delivery will take 14 days after that. So all in all we’re talking about a three month turnaround time where I had to remind them at every step that they still have my cards. I’m not confident I’ll ever receive my money.

Company has shut down as reported here.

Looks like the sellers will get left high and dry.