Gift Card Bin Review

What’s your experience with Gift Card Bin? Do you like it or not?

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I have been buying gift cards from GCB for years, and if I ever had a problem they took care of it.

I purchased a $217 Anthropologie e-giftcard from Gift Card Bin. It arrived in a timely manner but when I used it to pay for my online order it generated an invalid card error. I called and emailed GiftCardBin customer support and was routed to a voicemail message because they do not help customers on weekends. Unfortunately, I was purchasing a sale item that went out of stock by Sunday night. On Monday, a GiftCardBin customer rep emailed me to tell me that she called Anthropologie and double checked my balance and pin and they were correct so the problem was with the way I entered the order. She blamed it on my cache, a typo, or my device. After clearing out my cache, rebooting, spending time re-entering the order on my laptop, trying it on my phone, trying it on my tablet, the gift card still came up as invalid. To make a long story short, GiftCardBin didn’t really verify the PIN they sent me. Eventually I was able to use my gift card but I can’t recommend them because it was a big hassle. I buy a lot of gift cards and I’ve never had such a rude and frustrating customer service experience.

Terrible and no customer service. When I asked them why my transaction didn’t go through, they had no answer. They don’t work with you , they have some automated system and the customer service reps can’t do anything.