Fluz Review

What’s your experience with Fluz? Do you like it or not?

Please also consider sharing your specific story by replying on the topic. This would greatly help others to know it better!

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SUPER overly cautious. You need multiple payment methods and a backup before they will sell you any cards. I had an order that was charged to a card that i didnt have sufficient funds in, and they canceled the order, charged me a bank return fee (subtracted out of my accrued balance, I would not have paid it otherwise,) and permabanned my account. Cannot create alts because billing address always connects to me and banned again. Be careful. Don’t make 1 mistake or they behead you.

Hi, so. So far I can say that the posted % off on GCW for Fluz is a lie. I have a Fluz acct and made a purchase for card at a very low % off even though the post was for 35% off. At the time it was still the best option. I have never seen a rate on Fluz more than 2.0% and have written both gcw and Fluz and still there are posts advertising 35, 15, 11% and this is a lie.