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My first order ($50) was cancelled for no reason specified.
Repeated calls to customer service on several different days at many different times are left unanswered. The only option is to leave a voicemail…
But all voicemail messages I left are unanswered.
Email messages left are also unanswered.

I didn’t think anybody actually works for this company. Then, I found out my account was shut down for, again, no reason. A message displays for approximately 3 seconds telling me to call the phone number, which, again, has no answer.

I’m actually glad I found out so soon because what good is a gift card guarantee if there is nobody there to process it?

mach, we’re so sorry to hear about your experience. If you would please email us at support (at) with your order number, we’d be happy to look into this.

eSaving Support

Strange phone call asking for billing information from a person that was almost impossible to understand. Would not recommend dealing with them.

Mike, We apologize for the miscommunication that affected your opinion of our company. Due to the high risk for fraud in the gift card exchange industry, we perform additional security check by phone on new account. Every gift card exchange company has a similar policy in place to protect their customers and company from any potential fraud.

We’ll keep your comments in mind as we continue to improve our processes and efforts in providing the best possible service for our customers.

Best Regards,

I am glad someone there cares about reputation, but I already emailed you with my order number. I would much prefer to talk with someone on the phone.

The first attempt to buy from them, I got an email they needed to validate something. The next day they cancelled the order. When I looked at their order status, the had already reduced the discount on the card and removed the Credit Card pay option.
The next try to resubmit this order using PayPal, it went through w/o any problems.
Seeing that a transaction processed, I went on to try to another order, again using PayPal. And promptly received a reply from PayPal the payment transaction was approved and they had notified the seller. After returning from a camping trip, I came home to an email that they needed to verify something. Another warning if I didn’t call they would cancel the order. Then the next day I received an order cancellation email. Since I was camping this all went on while I was away from internet access.
I checked my PayPal account and they hadn’t rejected or cancelled the payment.

I’d suggest that GCW consider removing their listings since they have such a distinctly poor rating here.

Dear Sisyphean,

We’re so sorry to hear about your experience. Confirming your order is our way of protecting shoppers like yourself against credit card fraud. Our customer service representatives inspect and verify all new orders to guarantee your online security and the safety of our marketplace. The charge to your PayPal or credit card account was just a pending authorization. We voided the transaction and released your fund the same day your order was cancelled. However, It can take 3-5 business days for your bank to remove the hold on the funds in your account. If you would please email us at support (at) with your order number, we’d be happy to look into this.

eSaving Support

Nah. The pattern demonstrated (1 out 3 orders cleared) on my first orders presents you as a problematic seller.
On your first cancellation, my credit card vendor could not even see any attempted transactions. With the 3rd, PayPal confirmed that my payment had cleared awaiting your collecting the funds for the order. No attempt was made.
Interesting that you would respond to this review, but never responded to my direct emails.

Dear Sisyphean,

Thanks for the feedback! Problems may occur sometimes. If you would please email us at support (at) . We’ll try our best to make it right for you.

eSaving Support

I paid for a giftcard yesterday, and received two automated emails stating it would take up to 12 hours. I never got the approved email after 12 hours, so I logged into esaving’s website and looked at my account.

In my account was the assigned gift card number and the pin. I went to use it and the merchant said the card number was good, but there were no funds on the card!

I called the esaving’s listed phone number during their business hours and no one answered the phone. Instead I was asked to leave a voice mail, which I did along with my phone number.

Then I went back to the site and attempted to use their web page contact page to send a message, including my order number. When I submitted the message, their website page said “We will process and reply within 3-5 business days”. Today is Friday, February 3, 2017. That means they won’t even reply to my message until as late as a full calendar week!

There is no Live Chat

There is no phone number that is answer,

There is no method of getting an answer to my zero balance gift for up to another week.

What is worse, it appears they have a company email address assigned to their paypal merchant account that goes to a website in Vietnam and the website is suspended. They may be able to get paypal emails to a suspended website, but when the website home page is out of business, I worry.

I am hopeful I can get the card loaded as promised. If not, then I will take the next steps.

PS: If esaving is reading this message, there is no need to ask me to email support (at) I already did that today. Just reply to my email with the correction.

I was able to get the gift card to work by trying a different pin number (which may have been my oversight). The company responded to my emails several times and I will probably buy from them again. Perhaps customers should reply more on email.

Had a good experience buying a Spotify gift card for 25% off. Got my e-gift card a couple hours after ordering and it worked fine.

I’ve placed many orders here, wrote reviews and got rewards with zero problems, until one day they wouldn’t issue a reward for an order review I completed the day after I placed my order. I’ve sent multiple emails asking them to check on my case and got no answers. Disappointed, not even a single safe company nowadays to trust.

Hi there, we’d like to apologize for the experience you’ve encountered while buying your gift cards on eSaving Marketplace. The $2.00 reward credit only applies to your first review for each brand. In addition, you can only have one eSaving account. eSaving Marketplace does not allow multiple accounts to be created which is why there is a hold on you account. We hope this information is helpful and we are happy to answer any further questions you may have at support(at)esaving(dot)com

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I have recently purchased a few gift cards from them. Very easy to do business with and had the best discounts. I have bought 6 or 7 cards and none had issues whatsoever.

My first order was cancelled for no reason. Nobody repsonded for my email.
Same happened with my wife’s also . I wonder this is a legit company as well.
My experience is bad . Other similar companies have good customer service .