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What’s your experience with Cards4Cash? Do you like it or not?

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I sent a email to find ot how ong it takes purchase E-giftcards to appear in your email and no one responded to my email request.

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There is a bit of a delay, but they are only 1 of 2 I know of that take crypto via bitpay (and they both offer an additional 2% discount for it)

Purchased a PetSmart gift card on 10-8-2022. I tried to use it on 10-12-2022. The gift card was drained down to $0. I emailed [email protected] and called 1-855-215-1800. No response. I checked my AMEX card that I used to purchase the gift card (I was going to dispute it, then found the #). Had a phone # of (480)921-4260. The dude at 480 # gave me a phone number of Noah. I called Noah. He said since I have a PO Box number on their system, I’m committing a fraud, so he’s gonna block me. AMEX has my PO Box on their system there should be no problem verfying. Anyway, I called back 480 # to make a complaint against Noah. The dude didn’t care.

It seemed a little sketchy at first, but here’s how my order went down. First, I ordered the e-gift card I wanted on a Sunday night, it was pending, they called my phone to verify the next day (Monday) and immediately released the giftcard after the phone call. I used it immediately and it worked.