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What’s your experience with Cardpool? Do you like it or not?

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Good customer service. I’ve been happy as both a seller and buyer

Had done 3 transactions and all in satisfactions

After signing up and jumping on every notification for a Home Depot or Lowes card that showed up, I finally was able to get one before being sold out. Just to be disappointed that they cancelled my order due to a “risk assessment” teams decision. Frankly it pissed me off that they didn’t offer to call the bank or ask me for any additional verification. I emailed my displeasure about their “cherry picking” process. Needless to say, I am not a member of their site anymore and happy that I’m not. Much better sites available without the hassle. hasn’t gave me one problem with any orders, regardless of the amount purchased.

I would take Cardpool over Raise any day. I’ve purchased almost $30,000 worth of cards in the last year. While Raise at one time was my “go to” site, I have grown to fear purchasing from Raise because of fraudulent sellers. The vetting process at Cardpool IMO is much better as I have only had 1 issue with a bad card there. One thing to keep in mind with CardPool is that they will not accept orders placed using a Visa Gift/Prepaid card.

I understand that, but after emailing my displeasure they were content with me going elsewhere. I used my personal bank debit card for the transaction. I feel that they simply didn’t care to have my business, after investing much time for a card to appear. Now the feeling is mutual.

I have been purchasing gift cards from Cardpool for years. If I have a problem with any cards, they are good at giving me a refund.

Like Wccollum in July 2016 - I have made many purchases through cardpool only to have them cancelled due to “risk assessment”. I make a better than average living and my credit isnt at risk over a $50 gift card

Fantastic service and follow through!

Excellent service. All the cards I have bought have been approved and work great. Thanks!

I have only purchased not sold through Cardpool. A couple thousand dollars worth last year and never had an issue. This year I have an ongoing (several weeks) problem with them and there communication is zero. Hopefully, they resolve the issue soon and I can revise this post.

CardPool seems to be going downhill fast. I like to get cards once I’ve found something I want to buy, and it used to take a relatively short time to get ecards from CardPool, but no more. My latest order seems to be in some kind of limbo - they were happy to take my money, but after a day of waiting, I have no cards, and the items I was going to buy are out of stock now. When I called, I was told that my request would be forwarded to the “online department”, who would answer via email in their own sweet time. What other type of order is there than “online”? The phone service is obviously there as a smokescreen and delaying tactic, as there is absolutely nothing they can do except take your email address and tell you to wait some indefinite amount of time.

I’m also wondering why CardPool reviews don’t appear in the Markets section of this site. Does giftcardwiki know something about this service that we don’t?

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Honesty and sincerity is a requirement

Every time i used cardpool for a couple of years (maybe 2014-2016), someone tried to fraudulently use my CC overseas. Like clockwork. I used virtual CCs so i didnt actually care, but this would have been a problem if i had used my real CC. Its likely they fixed the glitch (I finally stopped using them because i got tired of the fraud texts), but still i cant recommend a service that has had that kind of problem.