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What’s your experience with Card Flip? Do you like it or not?

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scamer . dont pay money for me

where my money? scamer. i sold my giftcard but you don’t pay for me money. i waiting longtime 1 month

I bought gift cards from this site and after 2 months of waiting for them to arrive in the mail I realized that they were e-gift cards. The cards that worked were a huge pain because they were easy to misplace and the manager had to come over to get them to go through, since they needed to be hand entered. I bought many gift cards (about 13) on this site at once since I had successfully used many other sites for discount gift card purchases I will never buy from CardFlip again. Apparently, there is only a 45 day guarantee on their gift cards. I realized about 2 months after buying the gift cards that 3 of my $20 gift cards has a balance of $0 and others didn’t have what I had expected to be on them. I have never had this issue with any other gift card web site. I would have thought that in 2 months such a large portion of the gift cards wouldn’t be empty or have less than I expected on them. When I e-mailed them it took days to respond. I am out $60+ and I don’t want to risk that again.

GiftCardWiki, you really need to remove Cardflip from your list of markets. They are unbelievably shady and their bad practices rub off on you when we get to them through your site. I have 100% good experiences buying discount gift cards from various markets, but I recently purchased a rather high dollar card from CardFlip. They happily took my money but I’ve yet to receive the card. Other card markets provide e-code results in minutes. CardFlip… well, I don’t know because it hasn’t happened yet. Really, really scummy. And now I don’t trust GiftCardWiki because you’re the site that sent me to them.

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Huge warning to anyone considering to do business with them. They emphasize transparency on their website but in reality it’s set up much like a standard Ponzi scheme. Their payouts are among the highest, yet getting them to actually pay out is a challenge. After receiving a confirmation of sale, Cardflip is quick to point out “a seller must wait until a third party purchases and spends” the gift card balance before they pay anyone. This does not make Cardflip a reseller but rather an exchange with much less financial risk. I’ve never purchased from them but every card I’ve sold was drained very soon after listing. Based on the quantity and nature of complaints lodged with the BBB, it appears that their margins are made on the % they don’t pay - both buyers and sellers of gift cards. They operate with a skeleton crew and an endless loop of telephone messaging/transfer systems. To reach a live person was quite a task. As of May 31 they are no longer accepting inbound phone calls. Basically all correspondence about anything whatsoever is limited to email. Not so transparent, huh?

how are they still in business?

how is this legal to scam money from people

they stole near $1,000 from me from gift cards i
“sold” them

next time ill just throw them in the trash and hope the garbage man gets them instead… they will deserve it much more than this business