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What’s your experience with Card Cash? Do you like it or not?

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I bought a $25 gift card from Cardcash and the card was emailed to me from ABC gift card. When I tried to use it at dinner the card was declined. When I went online and checked the balance from the restaurant’s website I found out there wasn’t any money on it. I’m in the process now of trying to get my money back.

What is CardCash’s return policy?
All sales are final. CardCash’s Guarantee ensures that your gift card is a valid gift card, and that its actual value equals the value you purchased.((((NOT TRUE)))) If you have any issues with your order, you can notify us by using the options in your account dashboard or email us at [email protected].

After using CardCash for a little over a month, my account has suddenly been blocked.

I tried two payment methods and my order is cancelled every time. Called customer service, and they said they can’t do anything about it, and they can’t tell me why my orders are being cancelled other than a “third party security company” has indicated my order should be cancelled.

I asked to speak with a manger, and the person on the line told me they’ll just tell you the same thing.

I asked “don’t you want my business?” and all I got was “There’s nothing we can do.”

As far as I know I didn’t violate any terms of service, and my payments have all been processed quickly before the sudden shut down. I was not informed officially that my account has been banned, or that I’m in violation of any of their policies. Still, no go on buying giftcards.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I have had a similar experience. I am still allowed to buy their cards but not sell to them. Every sale I have attempted was canceled. Same response from customer service. I just gave up with them. I also am no longer allowed to sell to Gift Card Zen because they asked me through email how I obtained the cards and I said through Raise. Now I am permanently banned from selling cards on their site. That’s what you get for being honest.

So.,… did you contact them about your invalid gift card? Getting half the story here. Did you get another gift card?

Yes I sent them an email and they haven’t responded back.

Yes, very similar to you. I made 2 orders for physical gift cards which went through fine. Days/weeks later, I placed 3 orders for e-gift cards over the period of a month, and all were declined. All 5 were using the same method of payment.

After the first e-gift order, I got an email wanting me to provide an alternate email address. This was very unusual/unique, so I called customer service. The guy said “no problem”, he would put a note in my account that my email was good and told me the order would go through. But the order didn’t go through - soon after, I got a message saying it was declined. I called customer service, told them what the previous person had told me, and since it was clearly their fault, asked if they could make a new order with cards of the same value at the same price. They said they would have to get back to me later, which they did, saying “no”, they couldn’t.

Weeks later, I thought maybe the previous customer service person fixed the problem but only for new orders, so I tried again. For this second e-gift order, I again received an email wanting me to provide an alternate address. This time, I just followed the email’s instructions. However, in about an hour, they declined the order again, for no reason. It was after-hours, so I couldn’t call them.

Then I thought, “well, maybe people are sniping them” - buying them too quickly before my method of payment could be charged, since I every time I had placed an order before was during a good sale. So for the 3rd order, I tried to add cards to the cart which were not at the top of the list, then purchase. I also tried using an alternate phone number on the method of payment. However, just like clockwork, I again received an email saying my order had been declined for no reason.

The worst is calling customer service. They are like unintelligent robots. It is an extremely frustrating experience. In fact, they told me the exact same thing they told you, nearly word for word. He told me “it’s the system that declines it”. I told him I actually ended up buying from one of their competitors (which is the truth). When I asked “so, who’s in charge of the system?” (in order to fix it), the guy had no response for me. He seemed to be a very passive individual and/or not truly care about his own company’s problems. Actually, every time I call, I oddly seem to get a person with the same personality!

I also pointed out to him that all of my physical gift card orders had gone though, but my e-gift orders had not. He was a little surprised, looked at my account, and said it was true. Thanks, very helpful.

After spending hours of my own time on this problem and shopping for cards I didn’t even know I couldn’t buy, and the ineptitude of Card Cash’s employees not knowing how their own system works (whether they are funneling requests to a 3rd party is beside the point because there is apparently no one who knows how any of it works), I told them I had no choice but to leave a negative review for them. I was frustrated, but I kept my cool. At that point, the phone went silent, and I hung up.

Terrible. I’m on a temporary work assignment and originally placed an order to my house instead of my temp housing in another state. My fault. They did promptly cancel my order, which was great. However, 10 days later, I’m still waiting for my refund. 10-days, for an order that was CANCELLED. There shouldn’t even be a need to “refund” in the first place, nothing was ever mailed.

I’ve e-mailed with support 4 times and now have called. Guess what? The ENTIRE refunds department is out at an off-site training. Manager/supervisor available? Nope, in a meeting with a “higher department”. I’m giving it 24 hours before I start the charge-back procedures with my card. Terrible company.

I love Card Cash!
I’ve used Card Cash probably 50 or more times in the last 3 years.
I’ve bought and sold gift cards to them, without any issues!

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Horrible. Sent in an order- DECLINED! What?? I have no issues with other gift card exchanges, so I tried to contact them and find out the problem. What do I need to do here? Terrible customer service, no answer. Try again, I was told. When that didn’t work I was told that any buys from my address would automatically be denied!!! What?? They are awful, make no sense.

I have really enjoyed card cash. However, I don’t buy a crap ton from them. I also don’t resell, so I’ve had not problem, because I don’t place high volume orders. I get 1 or 2 e-gift cards for a couple of hundred dollars and skip away. I normally only purchase when there is a sale at my fav stores and I want to stack them.

yes i have experienced the similar situation, i had purchased a cardcash recently after couple of months the account was blocked , i tried the speak out the issue with customer care but that didnt help just i will never make this mistake before reading the terms and policies .
donald rey
phone verified gmail accounts buy

If u ever have any gift cards you want to sell I’ll buy them. You can email me at [email protected]

Just used CardCash for the first time. I bought three Nike gift cards and received them via a PDF in my email right away. I immediately went to the Nike app and typed them in and they all showed up the correct value. I placed my order with no issues! Based on this they’ve got a customer for life. However, reading some of the other reviews has me a little nervous. I hope future purchases go through.

I am loving to use card cash, from 2 years i am using card cash till now i didn’t get any problem.

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Been using card cash for a few years never had a problem. Right now if you have Discover credit card you can get 5% back on paypal purchases, and cardcash accepts Paypal.

Your Nike sneakers were made by SLAVES in China…congrats

I’m having the exact same experience. Tried purchasing through Paypal 4 different times. Denied each time.

Received a message saying this was “flagged by our fraud security system”. Called customer service the first time, “there’s nothing we can do about it”. Tried a couple more times…denied. Same message. Call customer service again. Different agent on the phone but with the same line, “nothing we can do about it”…verbatim. But this time, offers a suggestion, try a credit card. That worked. I thought, “problem solved”. Attempt for another gift card 5 days later. Denied. Tried again. Denied. Changed payment method. Denied. Changed again for a third payment method. Denied. Had my wife sign up and pay with her own card. Denied. Same message every time, “flagged by our fraud department”.

I’ve called customer service at other times and they don’t pick up. Contacted via text thru “contact us” at the bottom of the page. Says I should get a response in 1-2 business days…it’s a Wednesday, mind you.

Haven’t placed my finger on it just yet, but there’s a scam in here somewhere. One of the payment methods is Bitcoin. I’m thinking they’re just trying to push people towards using that.

I felt like you wrote my exact personal experience…I ALSO asked “don’t you want my business?” in those exact words, to get the exact response.

This company is absolute garbage.

They’ve never once accepted my Paypal payments. And I’ve had my Paypal account for years…maybe 12?? Never had an issue with it until with this company. I’ve had a terrible experience with them. They’re customer service is horrible.

What is your payment method? I’ve been denied over 10 times now…me AND my wife. Only 1 successful transaction.