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What’s your experience with Bargain Gift Card? Do you like it or not?

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I ordered a Whataburger gift card on Sept 19, 2019 but when I attempted to try and use it, it was not usable. I notified Bargain Gift card but received no response. Finally after many e-mails I received a response that they were working on it. I still have received no refund for this purchase and my last e-mail to them was October 18, 2019 to which I still have received no response.

They’ve left town…closed up shop…took my money …obviously resold the gift cards that they had sold to me then closed their site!! So if anyone knows any more about the proprietors of this site or their broiler room tactics PLEASE shed some light on them. What we don’t need is this owner/thief to pop up under a new name and site to scam us all over again!