ABC Gift Card Review

What’s your experience with ABC Gift Card? Do you like it or not?

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I have done business buying and selling with ABC Gift Cards about 5-7 times. I have had a good experience with them every time. I normally have them mail me a check when I sell, and the check arrives in a timely fashion.

I plan to sell to them in a couple days actually.

Have had good experiences so far. Have done about 10 transactions. I like that they do ACH payment

If you select their PayPal payment method make sure to double-check that you are credited the correct amount. I have been shorted twice now and I am not happy about it.

Done 5 transactions so far…2 completed, 3 pendings (2 in process and 1 I need to mail the gift cards, trying the exchange route)…

The Better Business Bureau actually REVOKED their accreditation for ABC Gift Cards on 09-22-15. They have a current rating of F!

Regardless of their BBB rating, I sold a gift card to them once and received payment promptly. No problems!

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